Introducing yourself to
the world of robotics, IoT and DIY with Robby!

Robby is a high-performance open-source robot accessible to all,
hackable and evolutive with Plug & Play modules.

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Learn to be Curious

Who has never wanted to make a smart coffee maker or a drone? All embedded systems are based on a central microcontroller as Robby. Start with the most versatile embedded system: a robot, Robby!

Learn to Innovate

Our robot is designed to familiarize you with robotics, introduce you to programming and realize the most ambitious technological.

Learn to Build

Design your own extensions from 3D printing models to extend the capabilities of your robot and achieve original constructions.

Learn to Program

Use intuitive code libraries, lot of examples, tutorials and a graphical programming interface to get started.

1. Build your robot.

Assemble the main architecture of your robot. Print, build and add extensions depending on the project you want to do.

2. Program it.

Program the “sketch” through the Arduino IDE , mBed IDE or our Block GUI using the many examples available to you.

3. Have fun!

Enjoy your creation and play with it 😉

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