"There is no good pedagogy that doesn’t begin to arouse the desire to learn."

100% Hackable

To make your sketches simpler, more readable and more intuitive, we have developed the BRAINZY library with many macro functions and examples to guide you.

100% Adaptable

By combining sensors and extensions, you will transform your robot and increase its capabilities. All our modules are also hackable.

100% Educative

Robby and its modules are a very useful educational device to discover, progress and enrich your knowledge in robotics and programming.

Invent your scenarios, write your stories

Make your story

Carrier, spy robot, and game friend... Many scenarios are available by following our tutorials to acquire solid skills in robotics and programming. You will gain autonomy so that you can write your stories by yourself.

Explorer Kit

Curious and interested in robotics, do you want to discover programming, and electronics? MAKER, you are not at your first experience in robotics? So the Explorer Kit is definitely what you need! Highly adaptable, this kit will allow you to consolidate your bases in programming and electronics, by building a differential wheeled slaved robot that you can modulate as you wish.


Easy to use

Easy to bluid

No need to be a seasoned handyman or electronics lover, Robby assembles easily and no soldering is necessary.

Creator Kit

Already initiated to robotics, you are a real MAKER? So the Creator Kit is what you need to build a performant slaved robot! With a solid and reliable architecture, you will be able to program quickly a powerful platform that you will complete Do-It-Yourself modules. Create, build, innovate ... Go for it!


Plug & Play modules

Plug and Play

Robby is fully hackable, and adaptable robot. From the simple proximity sensor, to the multi-articulated arm, you can add up to 6 sensors and 3 hackable extensions offering an multitude of projects.

Education Kit

Robby could be also used as a pedagogical tool for Business or Institutions. Indeed through an educational package, we can create animations about robotic or coding. We have successfully experimented it with famous institutions and companies.

A performing architecture

Based on an ARM Cortex-M4F 32 bit 120 MHz microprocessor, with a rechargeable battery, DC motors and incremental encoders, Robby is equipped for large robotic projects.

A unique robot for two innovative ways to get around

Explorer Kitmore_vert


Explorer Kitclose

To consolidate your knowledge in robotics and programming through an evolutive robot.


star_half Classical wheels

battery_charging_full Autonomy ~ 3h

remove_red_eye 1 sensor included

settings_input_composite Compatible avec des extensions Do-It-Yourself

Creator Kitmore_vert


Creator Kitclose

To design, invent your own extensions and build complex robots.


star Omnidirectional wheels

battery_charging_fullAutonomy ~ 3h

remove_red_eye1 sensor included

settings_input_composite Compatible avec des extensions Do-It-Yourself

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