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We are launching ROBBY the first robot DIY hackable, adaptable with Plug & Play modules and connected to awake your creativity!

"The creativity is the intelligence having fun."
Albert Einstein

Robby, who are you?

Who ever wanted to make a smart coffee maker, an RFID reader, and a drone...? All these embedded systems are based on similar architectures controlled by a central microcontroller. Mr. Robotics aims to give everyone the opportunity to create all types of embedded systems, and nothing better than to start with the most versatile embedded system: a robot, Robby!

1. Choose your architecture

Build your robot step-by-step starting by choosing its architecture according to its locomotion (holonomic or differential training); you can then add sensors and extensions to customize your creations.

2. Add your modules

Whether a presence detector, an infrared range finder, a webcam, a poly-articulated arm ... Add and remove your modules easily to the rhythm of your projects to achieve original constructions and more or less complex robots.

3. Program your robot

Programming can be difficult ... But not with Robby!! With an intuitive Arduino library, lots of examples, tutorials, and a visual programming editor, you have all the cards in hand to bring your creations to life.


Our goal...
Learn to innovate

We believe that learning complex disciplines can be achieved intuitively and with fun. Based on modularity and simple programming, our robots are designed to familiarize you with robotics, introduce you to programming and realize the most ambitious technological.

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For whom...
Smarts & curious

You don’t have to be an electronics expert or a king of programming to build your own robots. Be smart, curious and in just 3 steps you will be part of the MAKER community: 1) Assemble the main architecture of your robot. 2) Add sensors and extensions depending on the project you want to do. 3) Program the “sketch” through the Arduino IDE or our Block GUI using the many examples available to you.


A didactic tool...
In constant evolution

After a year of prototyping, Mr. Robotics is ready to offer you a fully adaptable, and hackable robot that can accommodate up to 6 sensors and 3 extensions. From the simple proximity sensor to the multi-articulated arm, several dozens of different configurations are possible and available to you! So don’t wait any longer to imagine and conceive!


A sketch...
Fun & intuitive

From beginners to advanced, everyone can progress at their own speed. We put at your disposal an Arduino library, a graphical programming interface and many examples; you can then fully reprogram your creations according to your projects. And thanks to the forum, do not hesitate to share and learn!

Robot Kickstarter

Ouuahh ... Target achieved: 105% !!

Thanks to your support, our Kickstarter campaign is finalized!
You can now preorder your Robby on our website.

A big thank you to our early adopters

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Passionate people who talk about us!


By minimizing material losses during the production of our robots and the size of our packaging, we seek to preserve the environment. We assemble and design our products in France.

Our teamclose

We are 3 friends behind the project with a different and complementary formation:

  • Guillaume, graduated in Mechanical Engineering from SupmĂ©ca,

  • Olivier, normalien of the ENS Paris-Saclay and agrĂ©gĂ© in Industrial Engineering,

  • Mathieu, graduated from the EDHEC Business School.


Crowdfunding allowed us to promote and finance our project. Thanks to your donations, we are improving our prototypes every day and expanding our community of users.


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